Although Knights Templar is often known as “The Friendly Order” there are some conditions for entry. To be considered as a Candidate one has to be a Master Mason, a Royal Arch Mason and a Trinitarian Christian.

If you fulfil all three of the above, then joining Knights Templar could be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your Masonic career.

There are 24 Preceptories in the Province, shown on the map below. hover the mouse over the the one closest to you, and click to show more details.

We have Preceptories which meet on every weeknight and two daylight Preceptories one of which meets on Saturdays so there should be one out there which won’t clash with your Lodge or your Chapter.

All applications for membership are now done online so if you are interested in joining our wonderful Order or would just like a chat with one of our Development Officers (nearly every Preceptory has one) please contact us.